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There is an unfrequented valley on the south coast of New South Wales; ringed by National Parks, with the verdant dome of Gulaga mountain looking down, where we (Fiona and Alan) found the ideal place to establish our truffiere.

The mountain, with its deep rainforest gullies, provides the pristine water which sees our oak and hazel trees thrive. Hidden among the roots grow the mystery which is the Perigord Truffle, our Gulaga Gold. From here begins our truffles' annual journey to the tables of lovers of good eating.


The terroir of our truffles is unique - it combines the richness of the volcanic soil in which the truffles grow, the aroma of the mountain’s rainforested slopes, with hints of the nearby sea. There are subtle tones of beetroot, seagrass and even oyster.  They have a richness that lingers on the palate.

When winter comes, we invite you to become a part of this yearly revelation, by joining us in the search for the aromatic delights hidden beneath our soil. While you wait, book your hunt, enjoy our website and learn more about this wonderful food.


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