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Black Truffle

  • Returns Policy

    Our business is based on the quality of our truffles and truffle hunts and the reputation we have established. We will honour your rights under Australian Consumer Protection Laws and will put right any errors on our part. If you have any issues with your truffle, please call us on 0448 453 422.

    In the unlikely event that a product is damaged in transit to you, please send us a digital photograph (2MB or less) of the damaged goods by email within 24 hours of receipt of the item. We will then contact you to arrange an appropriate solution for you.

  • Freight

    As fresh truffles are a perishable product, we deliver locally once a week (free if you collect from a central location in each town otherwise standard payment for delivery to door) and offer freight across Australia through Australia Post/Express Post. If you are not in an area serviced by Express Post, please call us to discuss the quickest way for you to receive your truffle.   

    We send orders via Australia Post/Express Post on Monday or Tuesday packed into thermally insulated boxes with special cooling material to keep them as cold as possible during transit. You can expect them to arrive at the address indicated on your order the same week. If no-one is available to take delivery of your truffle, Australia Post/Express Post will leave a card so you can collect your truffle from your local Post Office. Title and risk of loss to all products will pass to you on delivery. Please contact us if your truffles have not arrived by Thursday night.

Storage & Use Truffles Gulaga Gold

How It Works:

Select a tree from our treasure map and the first truffle that tree produces in the 2022 truffle season will get freighted straight to you (all the trees have produced before).  An English Oak truffle will produce a truffle with a rich, earthy flavour, while the truffles from the Spanish Oaks have notes of the rainforest gully in which they grow. The Hazelnut trees produce truffles with a distinct nuttiness.  The elusive umani of our truffles is second to none.


While you are waiting for your treasure to grow in the rich, volcanic soil of the truffiere, we will keep in touch by sending you photos so that you can see your tree change with the seasons.


A beautiful black perigord truffle of your very own. Fresh, mysterious and with an impeccable provenance.  Black gold that would make any pirate happy.

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