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Storage & Use Truffles Gulaga Gold

Storage & use

Storing your truffle

Truffles keep better without washing, so we recommend you only wash your truffle (and scrub with a clean nail brush or tooth brush) when you want to use it.

To store your truffle, keep it refrigerated. Wrap your truffle in clean paper towel and place in an airtight container. The paper absorbs moisture which can cause your truffle to deteriorate. Change the paper daily.  Many recommend using just a few spoons of rice as an alternative to paper tissue for absorbing moisture. We prefer the paper method so the rice can dry out your truffle– losing the aroma. 



Using your truffle

When serving a warm/hot truffle dish, shaving some truffle over the dish at the table will increase the aroma and heighten the experience. At home, we grate the truffle rather than shave, it doesn’t look as pretty, but we prefer the flavour.

Have a look at our recipe page to see our favourite ways to enjoy truffle. 

Truffle infused eggs & parmesan

We always store our truffles with eggs and parmesan. After 2 or 3 days, use the egg to make omelettes, scrambled egg, poached, frittata or use in a dessert (like baked cheese cake). Boiled and fried eggs don’t seem to retain the flavour that well.  

Use the parmesan grated in and over a risotto or pasta. The truffle flavour decreased once the truffle is removed from the container so leave the eggs and parmesan with the truffle till used, and use the parmesan within a few days of removing the truffle.

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