Truffle goes perfectly with eggs and cheese. So try truffled infused eggs and cheese in your favourite egg and cheese dishes, adding 3 – 5g of fresh truffle per serve. For example, use truffle infused eggs in a crème brulee, zabaglione or vanilla icecream. Add the additional truffle if you like during cooking, or grate/shave over on serving. Add truffle to your toasted cheese sandwiches.

It is also wonderful stirred through mashed potato. Again 3 – 5g per serve.


We don’t recommend home made truffled honey and truffled oil. The reason is that unless you know what you are doing, it is easy to leave things in it that can cause botulism. We would recommend buying these from a great provider like il’passagio in Bermagui (or on-line). They use fresh local produce and make wonderful products.